The Matrix - Splashscreen
Welcome to the real World!!! This is the page of the Matrix Splashscreen project! Here you can find every kind of splashscreen for linux! We have Grub Splash-screen, Bootsplash-screen and KDE splash-screen!!!!! We hope you'll enjoy our work! Keep thisiting this site because it is updated weekly!!!
Everything is developed by Freedom

MATRIX-SPLASH v1.0: This version has only the bootsplash screen included!
Download matrix-splash-v1.0

MATRIX-SPLASH v1.5: This version is the same of the 1.0 but has also the GRUB splash screen included!
Download matrix-splash-v1.5

MATRIX-SPLASH v2.0: This version is the most complete! We have included in the 2.0 the bootsplash-screen, the GRUB splash-screen and the KDE splash-screen (for the kde splash screen you need the moodin engine)!
Download matrix-splash-v2.0